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Going through a divorce can be an extremely difficult experience, and so our highest level of priority is to ensure your divorce is dealt with discretely, sympathetically, and in a non-judgmental manner. We are experienced negotiators and prefer to settle the terms of the divorce out of court by way of mediation as it causes less stress for both parties involved and is inevitably more cost effective.

We are here to help you through every step of the way, from maintenance requirements and dividing assets, to arranging financial support for your children and dealing with contact and care, i.e. custody issues. This is your life, not merely a legal issue, and we will aim to deal with your case in a way that is both personal and professional.

Divorce proceedings can only be instituted by the issuing of a Summons, and you can only get divorced in either the Regional or High Court having jurisdiction in your area. Due to our location we can assist in divorces in the following areas without appointing correspondent attorneys: Somerset West, Macassar, Sir Lowry’s Village, Strand & Gordon’s Bay.

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